Yann Gourvennec Yann Gourvennec Founder & CEO, Visionary Marketing
The Financial Services industry has spent much of the past five years imagining what the bank of the future will look like. Marketing expert Yann Gourvennec believes this future focus leads to too much emphasis on tomorrow and not enough on today. In this challenging and thought-provoking article, Yann tells us why existing technologies and enthusiastic customer adoption mean that the bank of the future should in fact be the bank of today.

The Future of (Digital) Banking

Brett King, CEO & Founder of mobile bank Moven, told us that digital needs to move beyond a department, to become part of the DNA of all banks. This means the new key skill sets in banking will be data crunching, story telling and experience design; and for bankers resistant to change, his advice is that, "it's probably time to start looking for a new job".
Peggy Barthes-Streit Peggy Barthes-Streit Head of mData, Everything Everywhere
Taking a innovation-led approach to Big Data, Peggy Barthes-Streit, Head of mData at the UK’s largest mobile network, EE, explores the future of analytics. Insights include the revolutionary potential of the ever-expanding Internet of Things; how to boost your ROI on advertising spend with the help of m-data; and how data visualisation is essential to reaping the rewards of data analytics.
Jeanne Bliss Jeanne Bliss Customer Experience Expert & Speaker
Getting the right leadership and operating model to deliver outstanding customer experiences remains one of the enduring challenges for many service-oriented businesses. Here, Jeanne Bliss, named one of SAP’s top Customer Experience Influencers of 2014, presents the first chapter of her book exploring the virtues of the Chief Customer Officer role, and how it can deliver for your customers and your business alike.
Arnel Leyva Arnel Leyva Global Head of Marketing, autoGraph.me
In the age of Big Data, how should companies approach the cultivation, storage and use of customers’ data to deliver personalised experiences? In this article exclusive to the Network, Arnel Leyva, Chief Marketer at autoGraph.me, encourages a reassessment of personalisation orthodoxy, suggesting a transparent and respectful approach to data collection that will strengthen customer relationships.
Allister Green Allister Green Business Development Controller, Cumberland Building Society
In the last few years, digital transformation has grown to become an impossible-to-ignore buzzword, and a core competency of many management consultancies. For those focused on the customer experience, the potential benefits of digital change are many, as technology promises to deliver greater flexibility and a more bespoke service to customers. Here Allister Green, who has been instrumental in delivering digital change at Cumberland Building Society, writes about keeping the customer at the heart of your digital strategy, and remembering who the technology needs to serve.
Mark Evans Mark Evans Marketing Director, Direct Line Group
Exclusive to the Network, Mark Evans, Marketing Director at Direct Line, tells us how the company are addressing industry commoditisation with a focus on the customer experience. Direct Line are aiming to differentiate themselves with a service-led proposition that plays across all of the customer touch points - social, digital and contact centres - helping to breathe life into their brand promise and ensuring it goes deeper than just a clever creative campaign.
As omnichannel models proliferate, so do the points of customer interaction and the marketing and customer experience opportunities that go with these. Here Adobe, global digital marketing experts and sponsors of the 20:20 Customer Experience Summit, talk about the emerging ‘touchpoint marketing’ model, and how it can help your business negotiate an increasingly complex commercial landscape.
I love you, Gas Bill. Run away with me, Delivery Driver. Soothe my fears, 5p Off Baked Beans Coupon. Emotions are powerful things, but they’re not always the most important part of an experience.
The average American belongs to 18 different loyalty programs, and yet 77% of loyalty programs that focus on awards alone are failing within the first two years. The root of this problem is that there’s a big difference between human loyalty and corporate loyalty.

How the role of social media in CX is evolving

We caught up with Shep Hyken this Tuesday, to gain his insights on how the role of social media in CX is evolving. To use social media effectively, companies now need to move beyond the read and react strategies they have developed over the last few years, and become proactive users of social media channels, with a sound grasp on content marketing. Shep shared tips for success, and best practice examples he’s seen first-hand.