Adrian  Swinscoe Adrian Swinscoe Customer Experience Consultant
Does your business need to be in every channel?

Does your business need to be in every channel?

A word of warning from Adrian Swinscoe, resist being sucked into the latest omnichannel craze or run the risk of compromising your company’s future success.

Having an omnichannel customer strategy is all the rage these days. However, as companies continue to add channels to their mix I’d like to add a note of caution.

Remember going to the circus when you were young and watching the plate-spinning act? Do you also remember what happened when the plate-spinner kept adding more plates? Eventually, he or she would add one too many plates and end up with a pile of broken crockery on the floor. That’s what concerns me about some of the omnichannel customer strategy talk.

My fear is that many firms, in the rush to add channels and keep up with their competitors and the market, they run the risk of over-stretching resources, compromising on quality and failing to offer the levels of service and experience that their customers want.

Whilst, omni may be Latin for ‘all’ or ‘every’, the key question needs to be: does your business need to be in every channel? Post your thoughts below.